17 Aug 2021
Start of Autumn term 2021 information letter

17th August 2021

Dear Parents,

I hope that you have enjoyed the summer break so far.

I have compiled some information that you may find helpful in preparation for the start of the new term. Please see below:

Pre-season training:

On Tuesday 7th September there will be an opportunity for the older Prep children to get together and take part in football (at BPSC) and netball (at NHS) if they wish to. Please drop them off directly at Bushy Park Sports Club (previously NPL) for football and the school side gate for netball. Timings are as follows:

14:00- 15:00 Years 4 and 5

15:15-16:15 Years 6, 7 and 8

For the football sessions, your child should wear black NHS games kit, shinpads, (football) boots and bring a named water bottle.

For the netball sessions, your child should wear black NHS games kit along with a named water bottle.

Whilst it is useful for the staff to see the children perform, attendance at the pre-season training will not affect team selection, so if your child is unable to attend, please do not worry. There will be trials taking place during Games lessons at the start of the term and we will ensure a fair and thorough process to get the squads as accurate as possible. There will of course, be movement between teams as the season progresses.

Games sessions this term:

Games for each age group takes place as follows:

Year 3 – Games session periods 3 and 4 every Thursday. Boys will need shin pads and boots. Girls will need trainers.

Year 4 – Games session periods 5, 6 and 7 every Tuesday. Boys at BPSC, girls at NHS.

Year 5 – Games session periods 5, 6 and 7 every Thursday. Boys at BPSC, girls at NHS.

Year 6 – Games sessions every Monday and Wednesday periods 5,6 and 7. Boys at BPSC, girls at NHS.

Years 7 and 8 – Games session every Monday periods 3 and 4 and Wednesday periods 5, 6 and 7 at BPSC.

Parents may collect children direct from Bushy Park Sports Club at the end of the school day if you prefer. Please email the Prep Reception and your child’s form teacher.

We are aware that there are some girls who will have a strong preference to play football and some boys to play netball. If your child is in this position, and you would rather they swapped the sport that they will play next term, please email Miss Pomroy or me to discuss this further. We will aim to be as accommodating as possible in this respect, although it is worth pointing out that for fixtures against other schools in the Autumn Term, there is not the same level of flexibility in terms of having mixed-gender teams in football and netball as there was for cricket last Summer Term. Therefore the choices made could affect the number of fixtures that a child will be able to take part in.

Multisport/Swimming this term:

Year 3 will swim on Friday mornings, periods 1 and 2 at Hanworth pool.

Years 4 and 5 will rotate on a half termly basis between Multisport and Swimming at Teddington Pool. From September 29th, Year 4 will be swimming until half term and Year 5 will take part in the Multisport programme. After half term Year 5 will swim for four weeks and Year 4 will have Multisport. Teddington Pool are only reopening for school groups on 29th September and therefore for the 15th and 22nd September, both Years 4 and 5 will take part in Multisport.

Children will be expected to arrive to school in games kit including a tracksuit for Multisport and will then change into their school uniform afterwards.

Kit for Games, Multisport, Swimming and PE this term:

Black Newland House kit for all Games and Multisport lessons. If choosing football, shin pads are required. Boots for games at BPSC.

Please ensure as part of the games kit a pair of NHS tracksuit bottoms are packed. These are required for after the session to keep the minibuses clean of mud and sweat.

White Newland House kit for single PE lessons.

In some classes, their timetable may mean consecutive days in kit, so please do consider additional items of kit if this is the case.

Swimming kit consists of a Newland House costume or jammers, goggles and towel.

For all lessons (except Wednesday Multisport for Years 4 and 5- see above) children are required to arrive at school in uniform and change at the start of Games or PE. When children are taking part in a sports club before school please arrive in kit and change into uniform after.

For details of what the different Sports kits look like please see this Firefly page Sports - Newland House (fireflycloud.net)

If you have any questions, please email:

Director of Sport: IBardgett@newlandhouse.net

Deputy Director of Sport: SPomroy@newlandhouse.net

Head of Swimming: TWoods@newlandhouse.net

Extra-curricular clubs: SNeal@newlandhouse.net

SOCS calendar: Fixtures and team sheets:

An exciting development in further improving our communication and access to information is the SOCS sports calendar: Newland House | Sports Home (newlandhousesports.net)

When you sign in as a parent, you will have access to fixtures, team sheets and competition information. You can also download the app and have mobile information on the go.

Please do explore this site and familiarise yourself with the functions that you will find most useful. The calendar details all fixtures, with the exception of a number of Saturday competitions which will be uploaded by the host schools in due course.

Prior warning of these weekend fixtures is useful when juggling family commitments and club sport. We expect where selected that school fixtures will take priority over club.

The Saturday fixtures are as follows:

11th September Hampton School 5 a side Football U11, U10 14:00-17:15

18th September Surbiton Prep 5 a side Football U11 09:00-12:00

18th September Newland House Netball tournament U10 08:30-13:00

Friday 1st September Wetherby Prep U13 5 a side Football 13:30-17:00

2nd October Hampton Prep 5 a side Football U11 09:00-12:30

2nd October Feltonfleet 5 a side Football U11 09:00-12:30

2nd October Old Vicarage Netball tournament U11 08:30-12:30

9th October The Mall 5 a side Football U10, U11 09:00-12:00

9th October Thomas’s 5 a side ISFA Girls Football U11 09:00-12:00

16th October Thomas’s 5 a side ISFA boys football U10 09:00-12:00

6th November Thomas’s 5 a side ISFA boys football U11 09:00-12:00

6th November Old Vicarage Netball tournament U10 08:30-15:00

13th November Thomas’s 5 a side ISFA boys football U13 09:00-12:00

20th November Football v Harrodian U9A, U10A, U11A, U12A, U13A 09:30-11:00

20th November Hoe Bridge Netball tournament U9A&B 08:30-14:00

4th December 1st XIII Rugby v Halliford 09:30

As we get used to the new system, we will look to expand its functionality, and this will become the go to resource for all sports information.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about the start of term please do get in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Mr I Bardgett

Director of Sport and Head of Years 7 and 8

Link: https://newlandhouse.fireflycloud.net/sports