15 Aug 2021
Pre season training

Pre-season training:

On Tuesday 7th September there will be an opportunity to get together and take part in football (boys at NPL) and Netball (girls at NHS) Please drop off direct at NPL and the school side gate. Timings as follows:

14:00- 15:00 Year 4&5

15:15-16:15 Year 6, 7&8

Please wear black NHS games kit, shinpads (football) boots and named water bottle.

Whilst it is useful for the staff to see the children perform, attendance at the training will not affect team selection, so if you are unable to attend, please don’t worry. There will be trials taking place during games sessions at the start of the term and we will ensure a fair and thorough process to get the squads as accurate as possible. There will of course, be movement between teams as the season progresses.